Out now: Tutorial video series on modstep hosted by Jakob Haq

We know that the amount of possibilities  modstep offers might be a bit overwhelming at first, and many users have been craving for some basic 101.
Following last weeks release of modstep 1.1, we have uploaded a series of tutorial videos on how to get started with modstep hosted by Jakob Haq of haQ attaQ fame:

Together with the already existing tutorials on the internal instruments Sampler and Synth, these should give everybody an idea on what you can do with modstep, be it on stage, in the studio or on the go. We will keep on publishing new tutorials constantly!

For more videos, go to www.modstep.net/videos

General Overview of modstep:

Making and loading Sessions using the File Browser in modstep:

Plugins: Audio Units, IAA apps and the internal instruments in modstep

MIDI mapping an external MIDI Controller to modstep

MIDI hardware and Virtual MIDI setup in modstep