Coming Up: modstep 1.0.1 update

The first update for modstep has been submitted to the AppStore and will be online soon, as well as the draft of the manual which you can get here. This is not the final manual but should provide a complete overview of what modstep can do at the moment. Other than that we are already working on modstep 1.0.2 that should fix all known bugs and bring some nice new features.

Changelog for modstep 1.0.1

New features:


  • improved MIDI sync

Fixed bugs:

  • fixed a bug that would cause modstep to crash when deleting a Track with an IAA app
  • fixed a bug that would cause a crash when an Autosave Session was loaded
  • fixed a bug that would cause a crash when a New Session was created
  • fixed a freeze that could be caused by recording Note Repeat
  • fixed a bug that prevented saving of root notes
  • fixed a bug that could cause modstep to show a black screen when switching to an IAA app
  • fixed a bug that could prevent modstep from loading Sessions from the root folder
  • fixed a bug with the IAA browser index
  • fixed a bug that could cause a crash when long-tapping a Session in the Browser
  • fixed a bug that would keep Delete active although another Edit tool was selected (red frame kept on flashing)
  • fixed a crash that could occur when a MIDI Track was armed and external MIDI was recorded
  • fixed a bug where the first loaded Synth Patch was empty/displayed no name

Known bugs 1.0.1:

  • wrong IAA FX are loaded  (IAA Effect slot)
  • adding an IAA FX can lead to crash (IAA Effect slot)
  • crash when deleting IAA FX (IAA Effect slot)
  • quickly dragging sample kits might cause a crash in rare cases
  • import and export of separate CCs, chords and Pads doesn’t work (whole Templates work though)